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Joomla vs. WordPress for Your Business Website

All internet marketing businesses need tools and features which might help them gain more recognition and get more traffic to make profits. Using a good content management system is very important to build a powerful website which is well recognized and works for the benefit of the customer in every single way.

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  • What Is A Content Management System?

A content management system is basically a computer program system which gives the user the liberty to publish content, edit them and modify the content according to his or her company’s and clients’ requirements. Content management systems are also used to maintain the website(s) from a central line

  • Choosing A Good Content Management System

There are many well recognized content management systems out there which can successfully help you set upon your website. When you chose a CMS, you must make sure that it gives all the facilities and features to you for free or at affordable rates which can then be used to build up your website in a presentable manner.

  • Choosing Joomla

It is easy to install and it offers a lot of features which can be used for a website’s development and design. If you have a GPL license you can use thousands of free extensions for the set up of your website or your clients’ website(s).

You can make use of the following things with the help of Joomla:

  1. Application bridges
  2. Communication tools
  3. Inventory management systems
  4. Custom product directories
  5. Complex business directories
  6. Data coverage tools
  7. Reservation systems
  8. Incorporated e-commerce systems

If you think that you might want to sue these features for your websites, you can select Joomla.

  • Choosing WordPress

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With the help of WordPress too, you can achieve a lot for the design and development of your website. You can use free themes from various sources which can be used in your website setup. You can get access to a number of plug-ins, widgets and also use the multi-blogging and multi user system facilities. You can also enjoy and use SEO friendly tools, integrated link management, and support post tagging.

But remember, having a website and not converting your customers into leads is useless. So ensure you have a great lead capture tool built in your Joomla or WordPress website. Before you purchase a lead capture tool, make sure you read the WordPress reviews of the tool you purchase to ensure it’s well supported and has good review for the WordPress community. One of the best places to get great discounted deals on WordPress themes and plugin in 2020 is inkydeals, I get most of my discounted bundles and deal from them. They even offer great graphics bundles for photoshop and other creative resources.

Hosting For Your WordPress Website

One very important aspect and cost of running your WP website is your hosting provider. On average you can pay anything between $3/15 a month for good reliable hosting and support. However, there is a solution not many people know about, and it’s called lifetime hosting plans, this means you can pay a one-time price for a web hosting account and not have to pay again. I personally bought a lifetime account at and have had no issues since. If you’re looking to save costs in the long run, definitely consider a lifetime hosting account.

So depending upon your need, choose your CMS.

Find the Coolest Web Design Ideas For 2020

Technology is constantly evolving these days and people always are coming upon some of the best developments which make our lives a little easier.

Technology has also become a major factor in business. If you are involved in online business marketing and are planning to launch a new website for your business or for your clients then you can try and think of some trendy and cool web designs which can give your website a chance to stand out in the crowd.

Read on to find out some of the most popular trends in the world of website design ideas for the upcoming year of 2017.

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  • Finding The Best Trends For Web Design For 2016

One has to make sure that the website designs are fresh and appealing and easy to navigate through for the customer. That’s why it’s necessary for the web designer to choose a design that is interesting enough to create ripples out of the thousands other websites out there. Here are some fresh ideas which you can use-

 1. Responsive Web Design

These days, People are using internet through mobiles a lot and this design is apt for desktop, mobile, and laptop viewing. This also makes it easy for the designing as the amount of work needed is less. One doesn’t have to make a new layout format for mobiles separately as this design can support and change sizes according to the device. These designs are also compatible with tablets automatically.

 2. Designed Typography

A few years ago selecting typography was not of much importance as everyone used to select more of less similar styles. But now the competition is tougher and one needs to be innovation. Using creative typography can be very rewarding for a new website. The more attractive it looks, the more recognition and traffic it’ll get. There is no need to use images as an excuse for attraction in a website anymore and to be honest; no one likes a bunch of images with little or no explanatory information.

Nowadays, many people are moving towards using a WordPress plugin with built in templates like wp profit builder and optimizepress 3.0. They allow you to install a plugin and choose ready made high converting and professional-looking templates to make your website look elegant and professional without any major web design skills. If you’re looking for a more affordable option for find WP themes and plugins, you can try the idplr membership, you can join for free to test it and then upgrade to a paid membership if you like it. You’ll be able to find lots of themes and plugins there without having to buy each one individually. I use it often and it’s definitely worth the money. Some of the products from IDPLR even comes with rights to resell it, so you can recover your investment and sell themes and plugins too. It has some great opportunities for starting and growing a home business with digital products online.

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Use these simple ideas for you upcoming website. Keep in mind that you need to be imaginative and creative to stay ahead in this rat race. Being recognized on an international platform needs hard work and innovation so work for that.